Making Cairns A


The ultimate goal is to set us apart from other mountain bike destinations. Our point of difference will be to offer riders a complete experience. A location where they can enjoy 3, 4 or 5 days of riding, providing more than 120 km of new trails to cater for all levels of experience. Our green, blue and black trails will keep them coming back for more. This new trail network will also help complement the amazing Wangetti trail which is currently under construction.

Skytrails Cairns will be unlike any other trail network with its close proximity to Cairns City (15km) and our International Airport (12km) providing a single, easily accessible destination with multiple accommodation options available. Our aim is to bring a minimum of 50,000 domestic and international tourists to the area every year, injecting a projected $35 million into Cairns and supporting a possible 400 new jobs.  

Smithfield Trail Network

Proposed Expansion

The hugely popular Smithfield Park gets a total revamp and expansion, with an additional 60km of trails. More gentle uphills, new family-friendly green trails, and new blue trails including a blue ‘Air flow’ trail for those who love to get their wheels up and out of the dirt.

What currently is a local’s favourite hangout will ‘grow up’ to offer a more competitive edge for the international racing circuit, attracting more events like the UCI World Mountain Bike Championships and the Downhill World Cup.

Kuranda Downhill

New Trails & Trail Link

The iconic Kuranda Downhill gets a major upgrade to attract a wider variety of riders:

    • The Black Trail is improved to become a world-class level trail.
    • A new Blue Trail, catering for 70% of riders includes multiple options on drops and lines.
    • Our growth market – the new Green Trail is a beginner’s circuit for those new to riding and the growing E-Bikers market.
    • A new multi-use climbing trail becomes a shared 2-way hiking and 1-way mountain bike trail showcasing stunning views from Ross Henry lookout and parts of the black and blue downhill sections.

Currently, the Kuranda Downhill finishes at the bottom of the range on a busy section of the State Highway and this has raised significant concern within the mountain biking community. The trail upgrade will enable riders to start and finish at a safe off-road location, or alternatively users could choose to start/end at the Smithfield Park Trail Head using the new trail link.

The Kuranda Trails revamp should be seen as an exciting addition to not only the MTB community but the community at large. Private enterprise is set to benefit, potentially providing shuttle operations, bike hire and attracting more business to the nearby cafes and bars in the Smithfield dining precinct. 

Skyrail Gondola Uplift

& New Trail Network

Incorporating the Skyrail Gondola will be the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ for the SkyTrail Cairns network. It would be the only Gondola-accessed mountain bike trail network in Australia and will be an absolute ‘must’ for every MTB rider that comes to the Cairns Region.

Our vision is to include 3 trails – a green, blue, and a black. Similar to New Zealand’s Skyline Gondolas in Queenstown and Rotorua, riders would get a lift up to the Red Peak Gondola station.  This would become the highest elevated and the longest single track of the SkyTrail Cairns network. For downhill fans, the ability to catch a ride multiple times in a single day, with the incredible views of our coastline will be a unique experience only Cairns could offer.

Potentially we can see future opportunities for other MTB developments within the local area including the townships of Kuranda, Mareeba, and Atherton, with further development of additional trails showcasing the natural beauty of Glacier Rock and Lake Placid.

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